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Tamil Nadu Weatherman – Pradeep John

If you are new to this page, please know that i am not a meteorologist nor an expert in Weather. Just like you, i have to go to a office daily and travel consumes 3 hours of my time. Sometimes, due to my work i would not be able to post. You have to also remember, the work i am doing here needs constant monitoring and to be honest, i spend more time here than even spending time with my family. At some point it will be raining somewhere in Tamil Nadu and it is impossible to update on daily basis or each and every place in Tamil Nadu as and when it rains. I am trying post to the best of my interpretation skills seeing various sources of weather.

In the days of heavy rains anywhere in Tamil Nadu, i try to update often as that was objective in which the page was started and not to post on a daily basis as whatever i post should be useful to someone. This page will also be cover interesting weather events in India. If you dont like what i put or the reasoning i give, you can ignore my page and move on. It doesnt mean you can come and question me with what happened to your forecast or something like that. Just put me in yourself, giving forecast to public is not easy and the stress of the event coming true or false is immense. Cyber bullying and sarcastic comments will not be tolerated.