W.Tamil Nadu, Kerala to join S.Tamil Nadu for LWD Thunderstorms from Today/Tomorrow


South Tamil Nadu has been getting daily rains and yesterday night massive rains stuck Madurai and 1st century of the season was recorded by Madurai. Here are the rainfall recorded in South Tamil Nadu on 31.10.2020 (min 20 mm)

Madurai IMD AWS – 102
Viraganur – 102
Madurai Airport – 81
Thirumangalam – 76
Madurai South – 64
Sholavandan – 30
Chittampatti – 28
Andipatti – 24
Kallandiri – 21
Mettupatti – 20
Madurai North – 20

Watrap – 66
Sattur – 38
Pilavakkal Dam – 35
Srivilliputhur – 20

Vilathikulam – 55
Kovilpatti – 52
Ettayapuram – 30

Vallinokam – 71


Rains to Western Tamil Nadu, Kerala and South Tamil Nadu for next 4 days

From today slowly the western parts of Tamil Nadu who have remained silent this season. And even mocked the North East Monsoon will get thunderstorms. For West Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Dindigul, Theni, Tiruppur districts)  to get rains, there has to be some UAC or system in Arabian Sea for creating that pull for easterlies to come to West Tamil Nadu or create a LWD or trough along the leeward side. Remember when a circulation is North TN coast or in Central Bay mostly the coastal belts will get rains.

With an elongated UAC and trough extending along Kerala coast to Comorin Sea, this creates perfect LWD rains (Line of Wind Discontinuity) along the West TN – Kerala regions. The rains will be accompanied by Thunder and Lightening in coming days.

Next Rains for KTC (Chennai & surrounding 100 kms) and coastal Tamil Nadu including Delta is from 4th November 

The next circulation will be near SW bay off Sri Lanka coast from 4th November and because of which this time not only KTC but even Pondy, Karaikkal, Cuddalore, Nagai, Tiruvarur which has subdued start with no rains so far will get rains. This spell will last for 4-5 days and rains will not only be limited to coast even some parts of interior TN will get rains.

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