Monsoon clouds cross the Ghats to Kovai, 2nd spell for South Chennai and Squall in Delta


Synoptic Analysis

Monsoon winds has been very active from yesterday and will continue to be so for next few days which means active days for Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, South Gujarat and Maharashtra side facing Arabian sea.

In the other side, in leeward regions it will windy at the same time we can see fast moving rains. Because of active monsoon, we cant see widespread rains like what we saw in the last week during the break monsoon.

Summary of Today

  1. For the 1st time, clouds have crossed ghats and have reached Coimbatore – Erode belt
  2. Rains in Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Coimbatore, Pudukottai, Delta belt (Thanjavur-Nagai-Tiruvarur belt)
  3. Chennai (South Chennai) got two spells (rare indeed)
  4. It will be windy due monsoon active, we wont be widespread thunderstorms which we see in break monsoon.
  5. Overall the leeward side will be seeing windy days with fast moving thunderstorms here and there.
  6. Heavy rains in Kerala to continue but nothing fearsome as of now.

Nowcasting (8.00 pm on 03.07.2020)

As you can see rain clouds in dry regions of Covai, Erode, Tiruppur  in West Tamil Nadu and squall is moving in delta. Nagai and Tiruvarur will see high winds followed by fast moving rains.

Next active phase for Thunderstorms in Tamil Nadu

Though we might see daily fast moving rains overall for Tamil Nadu, the next active phase for Thunderstorms will start from July 8/9, 2020 after the UAC over Gujarat moves away and merges with heat.


Chennai will continue to see hit or miss fast moving rains like today in the evenings and late nights.

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