Inflow in to Cauvery Dams jump while Veppa Salanam rains in TN will increase from today


Veppasalanam Rains are back, lets hope Chennai does not miss this time. Next one week daily rain chance exists.

With monsoon going into break again, it is ideal time for veppasalanam rains in interior and Coastal Tamil Nadu and places like Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Tiruvallur, Kallakuruchi, Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Erode, Namakkal and other parts in South Tamil Nadu such as Madurai, Pudukottai, Sivagangai, Virudhungar, Dindigul, Trichy etc will be in firing zone for next 10 days.

Chennai City – We did miss rains last week with rains happening south and north of us, but this time there is no UAC there which spoil our rain chances. So we can expect decent spell of rains in Chennai with daily clouds moving from Vellore / Kancheepuram / Tiruvallur belt towards the city.


Cauvery Catchment Dam – A preview

For past two days, good rains have been reported in Cauvery Catchment and lets see the dam wise rainfall, inflow and the storage position.

1. Cauvery Catchment (KRS Dam – Karnataka)

Rainfall – Talacauvery the birth place of Cauvery River got 232 mm and 150 mm respectively on 07.07.20 and 08.07.2020. The other giant Naladi got 100 mm on 07.07.2020 while Bhagamandala got 135 mm and 100 mm respectively on 07.07.20 and 08.07.2020.

Total capacity: 49.45 tmc
Present capacity: 23.07 tmc
% full: 47%
Inflow: ~ 9000 cusecs
Outflow: ~500 cusecs

2. Cauvery Catchment (Hemavathy Dam – Karntataka)

Rainfall – Catchment areas in Kodagu district such as Shanthahalli and ChiGonibeedu recording close to 100 mm rainfall on 07.07.2020. Catchment areas of Sakleshpura Taluk in Hassan district got moderate rains.

Total capacity: 37.10 tmc
Present capacity: 13.51 tmc
% full: 36%
Inflow: ~ 11000 cusecs
Outflow: ~ 200 cusecs

3. Cauvery Catchment (Kabini Dam – Karnataka)

Rainfall – Vythri and Manthanvady have been getting steady rains for past few days around 50 mm. Thariode got close to 100 mm on 6th while 50 mm in the next two days. The catchment is area is such that it can generate good run-off. Hopefully we can see Kabini filled up by this month end and this will give direct inflow to Mettur once it overflows.

Total capacity: 19.52 tmc
Present capacity: 10.67 tmc
% full: 55%
Inflow: ~ 11500 cusecs
Outflow: ~1500 cusecs

4. Cauvery Catchment (Harangi Dam – Karnataka)

Rainfall – Galibeedu in catchment area in Kodagu is getting moderate rains and this is managing to get steady run-off. Once this is full, the water which overflows will go to KRS dam.

Total capacity: 8.50 tmc
Present capacity: 5.88 tmc
% full: 69%
Inflow: ~ 4000 cusecs
Outflow: ~0 cusecs

5. Cauvery Catchment (Bansurasagar Dam – Kerala)

Rainfall – Good rains reported in the Bansurasagar Dam in Wayanad with 110 mm on 6th, followed by 80 mm on 7th and 60 mm on 8th July. When it overflows the water goes to Kabini Dam.

Total capacity: 7.39 tmc
Present capacity: 1.64 tmc
% full: 22%

6. Cauvery Catchment (Mettur Dam – Tamil Nadu)

Only after the dams get filled up, we can see increase in inflows in Mettur Dam. Water has been released from Dam for irrigation from June 12.

Total capacity: 93.47 tmc
Present capacity: 44.32 tmc
% full: 47%
Inflow: ~ 400 cusecs
Outflow: ~ 15000 cusecs

6. Cauvery Catchment (Bhavanisagar Dam – Tamil Nadu)

The Nilgiris catchment area is very silent this year with July and August being the best month lets hope the next active spell gives good rains in Nilgiris catchment area of Bhavanisagar Dam.

Total capacity: 32.80 tmc
Present capacity: 16.48 tmc
% full: 50%
Inflow: ~ 2000 cusecs
Outflow: ~ 200 cusecs

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