As expected on 4th awesome start along the coastal areas. South TN will get heavy rains too


With an UAC in SW Bay near Sri Lanka, we  can see the convergence along the coastal belts in mornings with sea being warmer than land.

Once day starts heating up, the easterlies will move in as the convergence shifts inland. So on a single day, you can see how the rains happen with the easterlies associated convergence.

This will be the pattern of rains for next 3-4 days till 8th November then we head for mini-break again.

Today in Coastal areas:

Tiruvallur, Chennai, Pondy, Cuddalore, Nagai, Tiruvarur, Karaikkal, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi will get moderate rains from the easterlies associated convergence.

Today in South Tamil Nadu:

Interior Ramanathapuram, Madurai, Interior Thoothukudi, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Theni, Kanyakumari will get rains

Today in West Tamil Nadu:

Dindigul, Tiruppur, Nilgiris, Coimbatore rains will continue like the past few days.

Heavy rains

Theni, Virudhungar, Thenkasi, Dindigul and Tirunelveli has chance of heavy rains in one or two places.

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