4th Spell of monsoon starts tonight in CTN and next 2 days looks good for KTCC & South TN will rock too.


The spells of monsoon rains from onset date

  1. October 28-29 – 1st spell was Chennai specific
  2. November 4-7 – West Tamil Nadu got good rains, Chennai got good rains
  3. November 12-13 – Cuddalore – Delta got its 1st spell, Chennai got moderate rains.

Now comes the 4th spell of the monsoon 15-19th November. November 14 was a break day in most of the state. This spell will give heavy rains to coastal areas and also to South Tamil Nadu. The key days for Chennai and KTC will be 15 and 16th November. While Interiors will get heavy rains on 16th November.

Clash of the easterlies coincides with westerly trough

The easterly trough coming inside coincides with the Western Disturbance at Kashmir and from my personal observation, these type of rains mostly results in Good rainfall for Tamil Nadu. Some surprise numbers can be observed in Tamil Nadu in the next 4 days.

Bands have already neared Central TN coast and Tomorrow morning we can see good clouds over Chennai. The rains will be heavier going into Sunday night to Monday morning.

15.11.2020 to 16.11.2020 8.30 am Rainfall

The rainfall will start from Coastal areas as usual with South AP (Nellore – Chennai – Mahabs belt) ideally placed for heavy rains and Nellore – Tiruvallur belt in for very heavy rains. Down south, Tuty and Nellai belt is also ideally placed for rains.


NEM Scorecard till 14.11.2020

Tamil Nadu – 160 mm (Normal till Dec 31 is 450 mm)

Chennai  –  430 mm (Normal till Dec 31 is 850 mm)

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