5th and 6th January looks good for widespread rains in Tamil Nadu and heavy at some districts too


Rare year when monsoon winds continue to blow from Indo-pacific even in January. Luckily the southern hemisphere is taking major influence of MJO and spinning cyclones and we are going to see only rains in northern hemisphere.

Tamil Nadu January 2021 scorecard & Tamil Nadu Great January Rainfall years in last 50 years

Its January and we have already received 22 mm for the State which means, we have already crossed the Jan month quota of 18 mm in just 4 days. And an action packed week is ahead of us. Everything is a bonus for the month for Tamil Nadu from here on.

in mm (30 mm and above)

2017 – 37.3
2000 – 30.3
1990 – 86.5
1986 – 65.3
1985 – 89.6
1984 – 34.5

Normal Tamil Nadu Rainfall for January – 18 mm
All-time Record – 141 mm in 1921
2021 – 22 mm till 04.01.2021 – Lets see where we finish at end of this month.

5-6th January, 2021 – Interpretations – Easterly wave & WD – LWD rains too.

The rains are not limited to 5 and 6th of January and expected to continue even after that but looks like the best days will be these two days. Most of Tamil Nadu and Kerala will get rains in the next days and mostly moderate rains. The North Tamil Nadu coastal districts and north interiors districts till Delta are ideally located for rains.

The easterly wave (trough) is too elongated and is connected to a weak circulation in Arabian Sea / Maldives Sea. Further, Western Disturbance at North India is also coming at the same time, this means even Kerala and interiors districts of Tamil Nadu in Kongu belt, South Interior Tamil Nadu, Kerala ghat areas, Karnataka ghat areas will see LWD rains (with thunder and lightening). 

So overall Chennai (KTCC) to Delta coastal districts and northern interior districts will see good rains in next 2 days. Infact most parts of Tamil Nadu will get good rains.  So carry an umbrella in the next 2 days and the rains will continue even after 6th picking up pace again from 8/9th January.

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