A rare spell to remember for lifetime in Chennai. Tomorrow North coastal TN, Interior / West, South TN will get rains.


Nowcasting – In next 30 mins to 1 hour a small band of clouds will give some short spell to Chennai.

Look at the massive rainfall numbers which fell in just 15 hours (midnight to 4.00 pm). This is not November or December. This is January.  Not sure whether i will be alive to see another spell like this in Chennai when it happens next time.

Chennai City (Nungambakkam) Top 24 hrs January rainfall in 150 years

in mm

212.9 – 15.01.1915
99.8 – 02.01.1920
82.8 – 05.01.1903
82.0 – 06.01.2021 (ongoing will come as tomorrow rainfall ending 8.30 am)
66.9 – 13.01.1986
66.5 – 01.01.1909
63.0 – 05.01.2021 (actual rainfall 145 mm in 15 hours (63+82), because of 8.30 am cut-off rainfall readings are split)

Tomorrow and 7th – LWD rains in West Tamil Nadu / Interior Tamil Nadu while North TN Coast will again get good rains

With WD in North, easterly surge from Indo Pacific, An guiding HPA in North Bay, UAC in Arabian sea. The easterly winds easily moves into Tamil Nadu interiors tomorrow and at the same time coastal convergence will also be observed  in North TN coast.  So Chennai (KTC) to Delta region again has chance of rains tomorrow. And from tomorrow night the action will shift in the interiors and districts close to western ghats like, Dindigul, Tiruppur, Kovai and Nilgiris belt. South Interiors (Virudhunagar, Thenkasi, Theni, will also fall in the line of LWD. The LWD rains will be good thunderstorms to Interior Tamil Nadu from 6-8th January.  Not easy to identify the districts, see the complications in the below image. Overall good days to continue in Tamil Nadu tomorrow.

Kerala – Kerala is ideally placed in coming days for good thunderstorms with perfectly falling over clash of West and east winds.

Will Chennai get similar spell like today ? – Absolutely no. I will be happy with even 30% of the rains it got today in the next two days. Either way what we saw today was a special spell particularly for Weather freaks like me will remember today’s spell till my end days.

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