Awesome spell comes to an end, dry days ahead for Tamil Nadu


Cuddalore got 186 and 112 mm rainfall on 21 and 22nd February, 2021 respectively. But the rains were spread into 2 days because of the 8.30 am cut-off timings. Actually, the rains happened in single stretch. So close to 300 mm fell at a go in Cuddalore. Without any low pressure or even a trough of low or even a UAC, these are mind blowing rains. People in Cuddalore in particular and Pondy to a ceratain extent have witnessed once in life time February rains, which they wont forget for a while. However the years 1984, 2000 and 2002 rainfall will still stands out as great February rains for Tamil Nadu.

  • 186 mm has been recorded in Cuddalore in 24 hrs on 8.30 am on 21.02.2021, this breaks the record of 119 mm set on 09.02.1930 
  • 192 mm has been recorded in Pondy in 24 hrs on 8.30 am on 21.02.2021, this breaks the record of 117 mm set on 27.02.2000

Overall dry days ahead for much of peninsular India including Tamil Nadu. Lets hope this year the Mango showers are good starting from end of March.

2021 has been a surprise for Tamil Nadu with rains in January and February. Lets see if the trend can continue in March ?  Meanwhile lets see the mind-blowing rainfall in last 2 days in peninsular India.

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