Chennai heat wave to peak today & temp will come down from Tom. In interior areas hot days will continue


1. Four Reasons for heat wave

  1. Dry land winds from North West – The entire march easterlies were present and the temp in coastal areas were so good staying less 35.  With land breeze coming from North west the temperature started to increase from 30th March and is expected to peak today in coastal areas.
  2. Heat advected from hot areas of Cuddapah-Rayalseema-Anantapur belt – The winds from these areas will be advected to the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Nellore belt.
  3. Strong Offshore Winds –  strong offshore winds will delay the sea breeze coming into the coastal areas like chennai resulting in increased heating time and thereby increasing the temp.
  4. Harmless Depression near Andaman – This Depression will move towards Thailand-Burma border areas and fizzle out. But this circulation 2-3 days ago was the reason for easterlies to be absent, resulting in land breeze over Indian peninsula

Now if read the above 4 points and co-relate to the image, u will understand the reasons for the increase in Temperature.

2. High Winds at Pamban – Rameshwaram belt tonight also partly in Vedaranyam – Kodiakkarai region

3. How will be the coming week in Chennai and other parts of state.

For coastal areas like Chennai, Pondy, Cuddalore etc, today (friday) will be the peak from tomorrow the strong land breeze will be absent though it might not dip down directly to 35-36, the temp might fall to 37 C. Assume today we are seeing 41C tomorrow Chennai will see drop to 37 C. From monday  / tuesday the temp will drop to 35/36 C.

Interiors like Salem, Karur, Trichy, Madurai will all continue to sizzle at 40 C even in next week. For them either side its land breeze and week easterlies / less winds will make these area heat more with temp remaining around 40 C.

We can see how dry these winds resulting in humidity to dip to 25% at around 12 noon the lowest in this year.

4. How will temp be on voting day in Chennai on 6th April

Next week the land breeze will be absent. Compare this pic with the one in the 1st. You can understand why there is fall in Temperature in the coastal areas. You can also see the Depression gone and return of easterlies in Bay of Bengal.

5. Hottest places in India in last 2 days

Some of the places in Tamil Nadu figured in the Top 25 hottest places of country (only observatories considered.)

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