Amphan Update at 12.30 pm – Tamil Nadu Weatherman


1. Crossing Area – Close to Haldia – Sunderbans

2. Time of crossing – 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm (Note First winds will be from North – Northeast and the then calm period when eye passes over, then comes the winds from another half from South-south east – So when there is calm don’t think cyclone has crossed and come out, wait for other half to cross from south-southeast, this is when most damages happen because most trees will be weakened in 1st half and gets uprooted when winds blow from opposite side, like pulling a nail through hammer.

Not only landfall, the cities where cyclone passes as cyclone at night is put below. So people has to stay indoors in these places at night in West Bengal.

3.Sustained Winds speed (3 min average) – 170 km/hr . Its not a super cyclone anymore.

(In comparison Fani last year crossed Puri with sustained winds of 215 km/hr, while Gaja had 145 km/hr and Vardah had 120 km/hr sustained wind speed)

4. Gusts – 200-210 km/hr – winds that can blow at times in short period.

5. Storm Surge – 5 mts

6. Cities in path at Night time, Haldia, Howrah, Kolkata, Rajpur, Barasat, Serampur, Barasat, Habra, Chakdha, shanthipur and Krishnanagar.

7. Maximum winds reported sofar – Paradip Port, Odisha 106 km/hr

8. Maximum rains till 8.30 am – Paradip Port, Odisha 214 mm

9. Heat update – Down south Chennai has crossed 41 C at 12.30 noon itself. Can sea breeze save from peaking to over 42 C, lets wait and see.

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