Another very good day for Thunderstorms in Tamil Nadu


Thunderstorms to continue in Tamil Nadu

The dream days for Tamil Nadu thunderstorms has been continuing, today too pop-up has been seen at many districts. Earlier in the day, Ramanathapuram got surprise rains.  The UAC in South Andhra has slightly moved up, has become  elongated and has merged with east-west shear zone with two UAC in either side of the zone.

Reason for Rains

For rains in Tamil Nadu in leeward side, heat always matters irrespective or UAC or whatever. Without heat no rains will be seen in Tamil Nadu leeward side regions most of the times. In Break monsoon period like now, an UAC in southern Bay of Bengal always forms, but it wont give rains like north east monsoon, instead  an UAC presence nearby can enhance the longevity of the thunderstorms with supportive atmospheric conditions.

How long will this dream Thunderstorms last in Tamil Nadu leeward side

The monsoon winds in Arabian sea are going to get activated from July 3rd with a monsoon low moving into land via Chattisgarh—>Maharashashtra/Madhaya Pradesh  –> Gujarat. This will make wind unfavorable for convergence in Tamil Nadu Veppa Salanam rains, though there will be some thunderstorms we can expect them to be widepread ones.

KTC Rains to continue till 2nd July

With KTC having convex shoreline, we always have advantage with respect to convergence of winds when sea breeze enters after a hot day, the rains may happen in northern suburbs or southern suburbs or even right over like yesterday.  So next 2 days (till 2nd July) and today we have chance for rains in KTC belt. As usual, which place will get rains is decided by luck.

Tomorrow massive rains has been picked by models for KTC zone, lets wait and see if they retain the rains and change it to a lesser quantum.

Rainfall in Chennai and KTC (100 kms zone) on 29.06.2020

in mm (min 5 mm)

Sholingur – 58
Uthukottai – 43
Tiruttani PTO – 37
Kaveripakkam – 33
Madhavaram – 36
RK Pet – 35
Kolapakkam – 21
Walajah – 18
Nungambakkam – 17
Gumdipoondi – 17
Mugalivakkam – 16
Tiruttani – 14
Anna University – 15
Thiruvottiyur – 15
Taramani – 11
Perungudi – 10
Madurantagam – 7
KK Nagar – 6
Ponneri – 6
Meenambakkam – 6
Alandur – 6
Shenoy Nagar – 6
Ennore – 5
Shollinganallur – 5
DGP Office Marina – 5


Due to time constraints, rainfall data was not updated in the respective page. It will be done by tonight.

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