Groundwater levels (observation wells) in Chennai and others districts of Tamil Nadu


Note: Read the two lines before going ahead. Observation wells are maintained by Govt for recording Groundwater  levels. Please dont correlate or compare with the groundwater bore levels in your place.

Chennai (levels in the 15 zones of Chennai)

The rains in Chennai 1st week of June did not happen, however towards the 3rd week and month end we got good rains and made up for the misses earlier. June is not a strong month for Chennai with just average of 55 mm and 4 rainy days. Still south Chennai got good rains and it reflects in the groundwater levels. June 2019 was worst ever in groundwater levels in the wells, so added 2018 levels for comparison. We can see that North Chennai levels are below 2018 levels while  south Chennai levels are better than 2018. Further it has been amazing July rains in South Chennai and the next month the levels are going to improve further.

Tamil Nadu (31 districts)

We had long breaks in south west monsoon which has helped in excess rains in the State. Though rains were poor in monsoon areas like Valparai, Theni and Coimbatore. The other districts got awesome rains. Even Ramanthapuram got rains which is very very very rare in South West Monsoon.  As i said 2019 was a very bad year and cant be used for comparison to any year. Most southern districts have good storage than 2019 and 2018. While for other districts it has been divided. So far July has been good, in the next month update we will see more improved levels.

Contribute more to ground water, lets continue the good work of 2019

In June 2019 after all lakes went dry, everyone in the city started contributing to increase the groundwater of the Chennai city and after having good water levels in the lakes, we have forgotten about it. I was able to see only one or two videos of people saving ground water when it rained. Last year 100’s of videos came about people saving the rain water. With Good (convective) rains ahead for Chennai, lets not ignore the good work we started in 2019. We should give back what we take.

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