Its South TN time to get rains while KTC (Chennai) looks great for good onset rains on 28/29th October


Hopefully, all are aware how the rains happen with easterlies in place. The coastal areas will get rains from nights to early mornings. While the interior areas will get rains in evenings / night.

Reason for Rains

With an Upper Air Circulation in Bay of Bengal, the one end of the circulation is converging with the winds from west. The wind direction is somewhat north to south with a slight tilt to east, so the south TN is more beneficial in getting the convergence, as there is nothing from west in north TN for creating convergence.

Today to 27.10.2020 8.30 am

The following are the places which are expected to get rains today and mostly areas close to the western ghats in the leeward side. With easterlies in place, watch out for Papanasam to Manjolai belt for good rains. Southern Kerala districts such as Kollam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Trivandrum will also fall in the path of convergence.



Onset Rains on 28-29th October Looks good for Coast and KTC

Onset of monsoon is expected to be announced by IMD on 28th October and we are going to get good onset band of clouds from NE coming and converging near the Tamil Nadu coast. So on 28 and 29th there will be good bands coming one after another on 28th and 29th from NE. To be honest, i am excited to see the 1st clouds moving in from east and this onset will be a good one from TN coast, Chennai (KTC).

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