Dam Levels in Tamil Nadu as on 05.12.2020 – Awesome year for most of the Dams


Mettur Dam – The biggest Dam in Tamil Nadu. Good storage in Mettur Dam for 3rd year in row. Lot of water has been released from Mettur for irrigation. Still it is 72% full in December. I would take it any year on December. Remember most of the catchment areas get rains in South West Monsoon.

Bhavanisagar Dam – The 2nd biggest dam in Tamil Nadu continues to have good storage than 75% storage for over 4 months now.

Coimbatore Dams – Most of the Dams catchment areas get rains in South West Monsoon and even in December they have good storage than normal years. The Top 3 dams Parambikulam, Sholayar and Aliyar are having good storage levels.  Parambikulam the biggest is close to full level for over 3 months now.

Nilgiris Dams – Nilgiris dam catchment areas gets rains mostly in South West Monsoon, so there is some fall in storage as the water is used for electricity generation.

Kanyakumari Dams – Burevi might have missed giving Kanyakumari rains, but the two big dams Pechiparai and Perunchani are still 86% and 77% full. The third biggest dam in Kanyakumari which is Kodayar is 93% full while Chittar I and II both are over 70% full. So inspite of bad North east monsoon so far, the storage in the dams are still very good.

Tirunelveli Dams – Good storage in Papanasam and Manimuthar and they get good rains in December too. So Tirunelveli is big dams are looking very good.

Theni Dams – Periyar Dam and Vaigai has 50% of water. Madurai has got good rains in this north east monsoon this season. Manalar is almost 80% full.

Tiruvannamalai Dams – Krishnagiri dam is full and water is letout. it is not a great year for upstream od Then Pennai, so Sathanur has less than 40% water.

Chennai Dams – What a dream year for Chennai lakes, from all three big lakes (Puzhal, Chembarabakkam, Poondi) water has been released with levels maintained for flood cushion. Veeranam lake too is receiving massive inflow and water is letout for flood cushion. We got more water since 2015. Hope you all remember the special post put up on October 11, that all lakes will be filled to brim this monsoon and this has happened with a month to go.

Note: Please dont ask for any other Dams, this is maximum dam levels, i could get hands on and the cut-off is 100 mcft or 0.10 tmc.

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