Pre-NEM Deep Depression to dump huge rains in North Andhra & Telangana


October 10-15 – it is time of NAP to West Bengal to enjoy Pre-NEM systems

October 10-20 is period historically well known for Pre-NEM Cyclones and most of them go towards North Andhra to West Bengal region. We have seen some extreme cyclones too in these periods namely Phailin in 2013 and Hudhud in 2014.

Shear Relents and 2020 Deep Depression breathes on

In 2020 on similar date we are seeing a pre-nem system but not even close to the strength of Hudhud or Phailin but is packed with lots of rains. A day ago, you would have been searching where is Depression and there is no clouds in Bay of Bengal ? Yes the Wind shear was too high for convection to buildup, now with shear reducing, the clouds have build up nicely and nice bands are seen in Machilipattinam Radar.

Deep Depression October 12, 2020

We can see the Deep Depression is close to land and is expected to cross the land tomorrow. So the chances of named cyclone is less. The winds are not a threat but the rains are, these regions are already battered with heavy rains and soils are saturated. Anymore rains will cause some flooding in some parts of the North AP and as it moves inland it will pound Telangana.

Indirect rains from Deep Depression Spread across Peninsular India

The Deep Depression also caused pull effect rains in North Kerala and in Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari got pull effect rains from westerlies while KTCC region including Chennai got indirect rains from the convergence associated with the Depression.

Mumbai will one more heavy spell, as system moves into Arabian Sea

The Deep Depression is expected to move inland and cross NAP coast, and then will sustain as weak system across the land and will cross into Arabian sea. Mumbai will get one final heavy rains in South West Monsoon from the Depression after 2-3 days. Lucky Mumbai indeed.

KTCC too got some indirect rains on 13.10.2020 in mm as follow. Desert Nunga joined the party today. Surprise indeed.

Kelambakkam – 39
Hindustan University – 31
Vembakkam – 31
Sriperumbedur – 29
Perambur – 25
Tirukalakundram – 25
Mahabalipuram – 23
Kancheepuram – 22
Nungambakkam – 18
Parrys Corner – 17
Madurantagam – 15
Sathyabama University – 15
Shollinganallur – 14
Arakonnam – 13
Marina – 13
Chembarabakkam – 12
Anna University – 11
Aynavaram – 10
Uthiramerur – 10
KK Nagar – 10
Walajabad – 10

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