2020 – An year to forget and a good January rains ahead for State, while KTC & coastal TN will get rains on 2nd January


So it has been been worst year this century with over 18 lakh (1.8 million) people losing their life due to Covid-19 Pandemic and it is also the worst pandemic since 1918 Spanish Flu.

List of years to forget in 21st Century (from 2001)

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami – 2,27,898 deaths
2006 Cyclone Nargis – 1,38,373 deaths
2009-10 Swine Flu Pandemic  – 2,84,000 deaths
2010 Haiti Earthquake – 1,60,000 deaths
2020 Covid-19 Pandemic – 18,24,766 deaths (till 31.12.2020)

List of Pandemics in last 130 years

1889-90 Russian Flu Pandemic – 1 million deaths
1918 Spanish Flu – 25 million deaths
1957-58 Asian Flu – 1.5 million deaths
1968-69 Hong Kong Flu – 1 million dead
1977-78 Russian Flu – 0.7 million deaths
2009-10 Swine Flu Pandemic  – 0.3 million deaths
2020 Covid-19 Pandemic – 1.8 million deaths (till 31.12.2020)

Source – https://ourworldindata.org/uploads/2020/03/Influenza-pandemics-in-comparison-1.png

There are some years which we want to forget for eternity, 2020 is one such year hardly any good happened in 2020 and even we wished when the ____ year will come to end with a hope that a new year will bring many positives and cheer in our lives.

So wish you all an Happy New Year with a hope that new year bring smiles into all our lives.  So lets come to rains. There is good news in terms rains for Tamil Nadu in January and these untimely rains also can also be bad news to some of the farmers as it coincides with the harvest time.

North East Monsoon ends well statistically

It was one of the best monsoon since 2015, with coastal districts getting excess rains as we expected before the start of the monsoon. Western districts and some of the interiors districts which got good rains in 2019 missed out this year but not too bad one. They all got very good rains in South West Monsoon. So it perfectly balances out in the end.

Most of the coastal districts with access to Bay of Bengal rocked this NEM. Trichy which got record rains in SWM got it balanced with less rains in NEM. Overall for the year, Trichy still ended on positive note.

Based on the last 90 days NEM rainfall, we can see how the rains have happened right from Southern part of Thailand, Nicobar Islands and Banda Aceh area of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and coastal Tamil Nadu. So much pulses came from Pacific crossed into Bay of Bengal this NEM.

Papanasam In Tirunelveli proved its weight again in NEM, Kodaikanal was a little disappointment.  Jamaunamarathur (Jawadhu Hills) in Tiruvannamalai is a SWM station still rocked.

At last week of November, people lost hopes of good rains in Delta, Cuddalore and Pondy. It was Chennai which was rocking till then. But then it all changed with massive rains from never dying Burevi.

What a year for Chennai and KTC belt. Some spells like the Oct 28, 2020 spells will be remembered for very very long time. Thanks for Ponmar Ram Uncle for the charts.

South Tamil Nadu district Rainfall and The Topper of this NEM is OOTHU with 2641 mm rainfall

South TN also got very good rainfall this monsoon, with Thoothukudi in excess, while Oothu in Manjolai topped the charts for North East Monsoon with whopping 2641 mm in 90 days.

NEM is only statistically over and will extend into January well into Pongal

NEM irrespective of rains extends into January or not. It ends statistically on 31.12.2020. Any rains from 01.01.2021 will be counted in the Winter Rainfall category. MJO – Equatorial Rossby (ER) Wave is expected to come in to Indian Basin (Phase 2 & 3).

Tamil Nadu Great January Rainfall years in last 50 years

in mm (30 mm and above)

2017 – 37.3
2000 – 30.3
1990 – 86.5
1986 – 65.3
1985 – 89.6
1984 – 34.5

Normal for TN in January is 18 mm. All time Record for January is 141 mm in the year 1921. We are in for  one of the good rains in Tamil Nadu this January in the 1st 20 days of January. Lets see where we end this January for Tamil Nadu.

Next Rains for Tamil will start on 2nd January, 2021

With break in Rains on New year day, the next spell of rains in Coastal Tamil Nadu, KTCC, Pondy, Cuddalore and Delta will start on 2nd January.

Farmers in Delta belt (Thanjai, Nagai, Karaikkal, Tiruvarur) and other nearby surrounding districts and Cuddalore, Villupuram districts are requested to keep in mind the extended monsoon rains till pongal this year and harvest their accordingly.

With so much travel, i could not wish many on new year day.  Once again wish you all an Happy New year.

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