Hottest Cities in India on 20.03.2021


With summer starting (not yet for Chennai) across India, will be putting up the temperatures toppers on daily basis across India.

Hottest place in India on 20.03.2021

Hottest places in Tamil Nadu

With easterlies in place the western interior districts continue to be hot as it is a land breeze for them while places like Chennai are in check with sub 35 C temperatures.

Hottest Metros and Airports in India

It has been Summerless season for Chennai City this year with just one day spiking to 35.1 C and temperature has been around 32-33 C till now. This trend will continue for a while and based on the outcome of the two scenario.

Month End MJO triggered Spinner in Bay – No clarity yet whether there will be spinner 1st or not with MJO coming into our basin, but GFS is catching up one and taking it to tour from TN to Odisha to Burma. We will get clarity in another 4-5 days as usual there are two scenario as always.

  • Scenario 1 – If the system does not develop into a cyclone, it will be weak maybe a low or UAC and will be pushed via Sri Lanka to Comorin Sea and will remain weak. Temp will be under control for Tamil Nadu as easterlies will continue to blow.
  • Scenario 2 – If the system does develop into a cyclone and if it becomes strong it will curve away and go to Burma. Temp will be spike for Tamil Nadu and across India as westerlies will be pulled from land and will result in early Temporary heatwave across India.

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