Dam levels in Tamil Nadu and Chennai – A good year for Chennai & Mettur


We are well into Summer Season with May month ahead of us. 2020 was grateful in terms of rainfall both NE and SW monsoon being good for us. And monsoon extending January with record breaking rains kept the water levels in most dams in very good levels till April.

I have tried my best to collect various dam data for dams with size of above 100 mcft (0.10 tmc). We can see the list below.

Chennai has 8 tmc of water with its 5 lakes combined and its more than enough for us with krishna water quota set to resume again from May month. A painless year for Chennai Water in times of pandemic. Puzhal has 91% while Chembarabakkam has 81% storage.

Mettur and Bhavanisagar – The two biggest dams of Tamil Nadu is having very good storage with around 66% each. Mettur can be opened this June 12 with perfect timing.  So farmers can be happy in 2021.

Niligirs – Power generating dams such as Pykarai, Mukurthi and Upper Bhavani are at empty levels, they must have been drained for maintenance

Coimbatore – Sholayar is empty while Parambikulam has 60% storage while Aliyar has 54%. Coimbatore dam levels except Sholayar is overall good. Amaravathy in nearby Tiruppur is having 91%. Siruvani in Palakkad has 50% storage. Monsoon is nearing in a month. We can expect early fillings this year if June is good for western ghats.

Tirunelveli  – With record breaking rains in January, Tirunelveli dams are having good water in April terms Papanasam has 60% while Manimuthar has 56%.

Kanyakumari – Pechiparai has good storage with 73% and Perunchani has moderate water with 36% storage.

Pennar – Krishnagiri is having 33% storage while Sathanur in Tiruvannamalai has 35% storage.

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