Chennai and coastal belt to see light rains on Friday morning while T-storms to continue in STN


Today the rains will be in South Tamil Nadu areas like Kanykumari, Nellai, Virudhungar, Thenkasi and in addition there is convergence seen around Delta to Trichy areas.

Chennai  – Pondy – Cuddalore, Delta and North coastal areas – Light Rain chances tomorrow morning

Its very rare for rains in North coastal belt unless the clouds move from Sea and Friday morning the convergence is shifting close to the areas near sea and we can see light rains in these belt and temp will dip a lot tomorrow and it will be cloudy in most of the coastal areas to start the day. Even if it is few mm be happy with it during the May month. Lets hope we are lucky.

Meanwhile MJO is in our Basin to spice up things and create a spinner in Arabian Sea

Look who has come into our Basin. Its our dear MJO the savior, without MJO monsoon fails, our country fails, our agriculture fails. Hopefully it comes back at end of May and 1st week of June during onset. MJOless onset will be dull onset.

The MJO is going to trigger a System, possibly a Cyclone in the next couple of weeks in Arabian sea. Which most likely is going to move away from Indian coast.

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