Action to shift to North Interior Tamil Nadu. Parts of Kerala to get heavy rains, Bangalore in hit or miss heavy rains


Before going into the post, it was a month which i would like to forget. For those for here for only weather can skip this part and go to S.No.I.

Day 1 to Day 5 – Few hours fever on day 1 and CT scan on day 5 after breathing difficulties

Its been nearly 35 days since i got Covid-19, it was in April 3rd when it all started with just fever for few hours and the on 3rd day i lost my smell and taste completely, Tea and water there was not much difference in taste, i could not taste the toothpaste nor the smell of sanitizer nor the mysore sandal soap not even a bit. Since many are in denial to accept they got covid, these are some of the symptoms and along with it severe fatigue and body pain with occasional fever for some. There was no fever after 1st day. I was taking prophylaxis medication based on Doctor’s suggestion and all was normal till end of 5th day when i was hardly able to sit and there was breathing issues, immediately i was advised to take CT Chest scan and Blood tests (CRP, CBC and D-Dimer Test). Note the symptoms change from person to person. On the 5th day from 1st sign of symptom, i took CT scan (CT scan is not required for all only based on doctor suggestion for those who have symptoms of cough, fever or breathlessness. If taken immediately after  2nd or 3rd day of symptoms, the purpose of CT scan will be defeated). So note down the 1st day when u get symptoms most likely light fever for few hours 99.5 to 100.5F. Remember some people fever will be just 1 day for others it will be 2-3 days. Its not standard and changes from people to people.

On taking CT scan the spread was seen 60%. I was given Anti-inflamatory drugs (steroids to reduce the inflammation) and Anti-Coagulant drugs (to avoid blood clots) on doctor advise. The coughs on morning were very severe sometimes the coughs went for 5-6 hours continuously.  Same situation prevailed for 6th and 7th day with coughs and no fever. The C-Reactive Protein (CRP blood test) showed 22 on the 6th day.

Day 8-13 crucial days – cytokine storm

I was hoping that fever should not come back but worst fears came true on 8th day and i got Hyper Immune – cytokine storm and fever (not continuous) started from Day 8 and lasted 5 days till Day 13 and it was in these days the CRP values increased to 55 and then close to 100 on the 13th day. I was completely on AC keeping my body cool and was drinking water multiple times to keep myself hydrated. Oxygen levels were fluctuating between 88 to 93 without any support. I was sleeping with proning which helped a lot. With oxygen concentrator support at times for 3-4 days the SpO2 levels was maintained at 97.  On 14th day, the CRP levels came down to 26 after peaking close to 100. Once fever stopped the oxygen levels stabilized from Day 16/17 at 97 levels without any support. The high ldh values in blood test showed that there was tissue damage in lungs during the cytokine storm.

Post recovery period (3 weeks)

Loss of sleep with sleep coming at 1 or 2.00 am or you wake up at 4.00 am assuming 6.00 am, this happened to me many days, confusion, loss of concentration, head aches are common, fatigue you could barely walk for next 5 days.  Complete rest is required with continuing low doses steroids to avoid fibrosis for few more days and then tamper off. Since i had high CRP values i was advised to take Asprin in the recovery period based on doctor advise to avoid blood clots in recovery period. I was in complete rest for these 3 weeks. After three weeks going into shop i could not recollect my credit card pin number for few minutes inspite of trying hard. Entire back from neck had skin rashes red in color and then the head aches are terrible ones which comes occasionally.

After 42 days, i have joined office today, the experience in isolated room and psychological trauma still haunts. If someone comes close to you get that fear. Covid for those who become hyper-immune and get cytokine storm are very vulnerable if inflammation is not reduced by giving appropriate drugs at appropriate time.

Corona is not a another flu. Its dangerous once u get covid pneumonia or if u become hyper immune particularly with co-morbidity it complicates even more. Get vaccinated and at same time dont spend too much time in the crowded hospitals. Try to get vaccinated in places where there is less crowd and good ventilation.

Its Day 40, the taste and smell is yet to return and occasionally i can taste. So when u lose taste, try to eat food hot, its very tough to eat food which is not hot and even at hot you feel its too salty all the foods.

I. Massive Convergence with LWD in the interiors and westerly winds  seen in kerala

So far we have seen lot of action in South TN districts in the past few days and now the convergence shifts to North Interior TN and Mysore – Bangalore region with massive instability seen in the interiors.

In Kerala with the low forming in Arabia Sea, the part of moisture filled westerly winds are pushed into Kerala ghats so for the 1st time this season, the ghat areas of kerala can see heavy rains today.

II. Rainfall areas on Tuesday

  1. 90% probability of rains at widespread places in Kanyakumari district, Valparai belt in Coimbatore and Nilgiris (particularly Gudalur-Pandalur belt since westerlies is seen).
  2. 60% probability of rains at some places in Thoothukudi, , Dindigul, Tiruvannamalai, Ranipet, Vellore, Erode, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Tirupattur, Thenkasi, Virudhunagar, Nellai and Theni districts
  3. 50 % probability of rains in isolated places in Salem, Namakkal, Ramanthapuram, Delta belt of Tiruvarur and Thanjavur belt.

III. Heavy Rainfall of above 65 mm

  1. Hit or miss in Bangalore belt as heavy rainfall is shown by 50% of leading models and balance 50% models show light rains. If it happens, the Bangalore will see its 1st heavy rainfall of the season at many places of its urban area.
  2. Nilgiris belt at isolated places particularly in Gudalur, Pandalur, Devala belt and Kanyakumari region and Valparai belt.
  3. Kerala will see widespread rains with westerlies seen Idukki, Mallapuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasargode (K3) and Wayanad will be back in action.
  4. In Rayalseema there is chance of heavy rains in Chittor and Anantpur districts.

IV. 24hrs rainfall ending 10.05.2021

Meanwhile Kanykumari has been getting daily rains but yesterday evening it was so widespread almost all the places got rains and of which Thiruvattur topped the charts with 75 mm rainfall.

V. Rainfall so far in Tamil Nadu in the Pre-monsoon Season

Even after these rains, still Tamil Nadu is -25% for the season and strangely the north east interiors districts such as Kallakurchi, Villupuram and Tiruvannamalai have all missed the rains. And north central coastal districts such as Cuddalore, Karaikkal, Puducherry have performed badly too.  In central interiors the unlucky Karur, Ariyalur, Trichy and nearby Thanjavur and Pudukottai has performed badly.

Erode, Nilgirs, Theni, Thenkasi, Virudhunagar have got above normal rains with Erode is excess zone.

Coming week rainfall should reduce the -25% deficit rainfall in TN.

VI. Future massive Sangu Chakkaram in Arabian Sea

With MJO coming into our basin and expected to bring itself rains at the same time it always triggers a Spinner with favorable SST, TCHP and also takes the moisture filled cross equatorial flow.  The spinner aka Sangu Chakkaram aka future cyclone is a monster in making in Arabian Sea. The path needs to be seen with wide range of landfall area seen from Oman, Pakistan and Gujarat.

With the cyclone taking most of the cross equatorial winds in Arabian sea, the other arm of monsoon in Bay of Bengal carries less moisture and strength so the onset of monsoon in Andaman and Nicobar island between 16-20th May might be delayed or might be a weak onset with very less surge seen from the westerly bursts.

There is one good news with the cyclone in Arabian Sea in Mid-May, this makes the offshore winds weak in the Arabian there by saving Tamil Nadu from heat waves though there will be some rise in Temp, it wont be as bad as ones with strong off shore winds. Till now in 1st 10 days of Summer we have escaped Heatwaves and have had blessed summer.

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