Cauvery Basin and Karnataka Dam levels – Kabini and Harangi nearing full level


Cauvery Catchment

In Karnataka Cauvery catchment, Kodagu district got decent rains propping up the inflow into KRS Dam and also Harangi Dam. The Harangi dam once full being in the upstream of KRS dam will start to contribute steady water to KRS. Hemavathy has to do some catchup with catchment areas of Chikmagalur falling behind in rains. While for Kabini down south in Wayanad has not great rains still it managed to generate inflows into Kabini Dam. Once full Kabini dam will directly give surplus water to Mettur Dam. With good rains expected in Cauvery Catchment in August, expecting all dams to get full in short period of Time.

Karnataka Dam levels

The Dam levels unlike Kerala (poor levels) looks decent for Karnataka dams. The Udupi, Uttarakannada and to an extent Shimoga district got good rains. Almatti catchment too got decent spells and has contributing water to the downstream Narayanapur Dam which inturn is contributing flows to Srisailam dam. Things look great with monsoon rains expected to peak in August. In the next month update, most of the Karnataka dams will be overflowing for sure.

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